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"If a inmate hit me, I'm go' hit his ass right back. I don't care if the camera's rolling. If a inmate spit on me, he's gonna have a very bad day." Mr. Tucker says we should call for backup in any confrontation.Once a guard himself, he made 3.4 million in 2015, nearly 19 times the salary of the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. "You may be brand new to CCA Hininger says, "but we need you.One, he says, is from a shootout in Baton Rouge. The other is from a street fight in Winnfield. He elbowed someone in the face, and the next thing he knew he got knifed from behind.I keep coming back to this question: Is there any other way to see what really happens inside a private prison? CCA certainly seemed eager to give me a chance to join its team. Within two weeks of filling out its online application, using my."Yeah, but that was with the Puerto Ricans!" says a woman's voice, cutting in. "We got rid of them." "When can you start?" the man asks. I tell him I need to think it over.You ever squirrel hunt?" "No." "Well, I think you'll like Louisiana. I know it's not a lot of money, but they say you can go from a CO to a warden in just seven years!I phone HR and tell her I'll take the job. "Well, poop can stick!" she says. I pass the background check within 24 hours. Two weeks later, in November 2014, having grown a goatee, pulled the plugs from my earlobes, and bought a beat-up Dodge.Somebody's go' lose. They both might lose, but hey, did you do your job? Hell yeah!" The classroom erupts in laughter. We could try to br.The CEO of the company started out as a CO"a corrections officer. Ultimately, I choose Winn. Not only does Louisiana have the highest incarceration rate in the world more than 800 prisoners per 100,000 residentsbut Winn is the oldest privately operated medium-security prison in the."I don't think this is for me a postal worker says. "Do not run!" The next day, I wake up at 6 a.m. in my apartment in the nearby town where I decided to live to minimize my chances of running into off-duty guards.The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also expected to conduct an investigation of its own. The 2016 John Lewis Christmas ad campaign is finally here! Megyn Kelly to Eric Bolling: 'It's not about you'.Eric Vey late Monday morning at the Erie County Coroners Office. Authorities say scrapes and bruises found on her body were likely caused by being swept downstream. Copyright 2016 EYT Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved.17 are in Texas, 7 are in Tennessee, and 6 are in Arizona. "Nah, I been around he says. "I seen killin'. My uncle killed three people. My brother been in jail, and my cousin." He has scars on his arms.