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Still, there are less people out there with money to invest. The other big issue is the proceeds of this will be used for the most part to pay off debt. Most investors tend not to like this type of scenario.
The Adult FriendFinder data stretched back 20 years. Information such as usernames, emails, and join dates was stolen, along with account passwords (the majority of which featured unsecured protections or none at all) and membership data like VIP status and browser information.
I'm not sure where this debt came from. FriendFinder Networks was bought last December (see Story ) by Penthouse for 500 million. I assume at this point, the FriendFinder accounting books where in a positive territory.
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He doesn't believe in the 'perfect match-making algorithm' but rather getting out there and meeting people in the real world, which is what his app, HeyLets, is designed to facilitate. However people are introduced, Samantha Jayne, who matches hundreds of couples a year, says we.
So customers who joined the website to anonymously post their sexual preferences for hook-ups might now face being exposed to family members, co-workers, bosses, and even spouses or partners, compromising their personal lives. One controversial hacker took advantage of the now-exposed data to identify over.