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Lacey gains admittance to the home, and encounters a maid who whispers something to Lacey about "Mr. Denis". When Lacey meets the inhabitant, a Mr. Horne, he dislikes him immediately, detecting that the man's tastes are vulgar and he's the kind of man who would.
She only knows that Jane is no longer in Horne's house. Lacey is convinced that Denis has something to do with all of this, especially when he learns from Grenville that Denis "locates" objects for the very wealthy at hefty prices - even, it's rumored.
The scandal would be too injurious to Louisa, Brandon, and Lacey. So the military forced both Brandon and Lacey to sell their commissions. Brandon still has an income. Lacey, the son of an impoverished gentleman, has his half-pay.
This book is quite dark and not at all what I've come to expect from a Jennifer Ashley book. Which is quite likely why she's writing this series under the nom de plume of Ashley Gardiner.
It takes quite awhile for us to see the bigger picture, and why Lacey feels so alone and almost desperate at the age of 40. The mystery is engaging and sad. and it ends much as one would expect.
Grenville has taken an interest in Lacey - he likes Lacey's sense of honor and longs for some adventure. Lacey is looking for a purpose in life. These two make an interesting partnership in this book.
And my is having sex on the third date bad Adultfrienders hope is that Grenville will finance his sleuthing and be a sort of partner to Lacey. But I also suspect there's much more in Lacey's life to reveal, most of it unhappy. Will Lacey ever see his daughter again?