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If you don't take drugs, you can ask for a drink called Barracuda (Rp200k which is known to be quite strong. The Cendana cocktail is popular as well. 4000 or 5000 people can fit in the whole club, but there is only 1 fire exit.
At last, the taxis located just outside of the club should be avoided at any cost. Walk along Hayam Wuruk for at least 200 meters, then catch a Blue Bird or an Express. Update July 2009 : There were a few people injured and one.
Beer is enough for me, but if you decide to take something stronger, you have to know about the potential risks. There are police raids occasionally, but the management of Stadium is usually informed before they occur and they can prevent anybody to deal inside.
Update May 2014: The Jakarta City Administration has closed down Stadium following the death by overdose of a policeman who partied there. Best disco in Jakarta for me, Stadium can be extremely crowded on week-ends and for special events.
Gud pm. i accidentally click sign not knowing that it will already be submitted. My aunt the petitioner filled up the form ds260 in behalf of my parents the aplicant.
Apparently, the attack was led by a group of young people in white shirts who wanted to close down the place. In spite of that, I don't think it's unsafe to go there by yourself, the biggest danger you might encounter is being ripped off.
OJ Simpson is not only pining for his freedom, he also longs for the days when he was described as a handsome hunk and not a flabby failure. And he s finally doing.
Just let them know when you are called up to the window that you made a mistake on the DS-260 and need to correct it. At the end of the day, the goal is to have all of the information in the application correct; if.
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Some tracks are so easily identifiable that when they are played in other places, you'll see people go "Stadium song!". Here are some sample: Another "Ecstasy" song. This one may not have started in Stadium, it's a bit more housy, but you hear it everywhere (the.
It has the reputation of staying open 60 hours non-stop from Friday to Monday morning, but this is true only for the karaoke. If you come for the music, you will need to go to the 4th floor, the famous "lantai empat".
Dennis Dodds, a family firend of the Sanders was also there when they found the ballooon message. He told ABC: Laytonville is a small timber industry town that has.