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Road markings apply as much to you as a cyclist as they would if you were in a car. Never cross solid white lines in the middle of the road, always obey stop lines at junctions, take notice of one way roads and don't ever.From a Courtier to the Sovereign of All Russia". Visitors will see more than 150 unique objects dating back to the 16th - 17th centuries, associated with extraordinary and tragic fate of Boris Godunov - the first elected Russian tsar.Ride predictably Hold your line and position in the road. Do not weave from side to side. Always look and signal if you intend to move. Look ahead Always try to look ahead down the road and anticipate any potential problems or dangers.The Baptizer of Rus The Moscow Kremlin museums take part in the exhibition of the State Historical Museum, organized among the events carried out to the memory of Saint Prince Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostles on the eve of the public memorable date, the Baptism Day of Rus.The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and The Moscow Kremlin Museums are pleased to invite you to participate in the conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of inscription of the Moscow Kremlin and the Read Square into the UNESCO World Heritage List.Photos 2 photos » Learn more People who liked this also liked.Stay off the pavement Unless clearly marked as a shared cycle/pedestrian lane, cycling on the pavement or any foot-path is illegal and dangerous both for you and pedestrians. Make yourself visible The earlier other road users see you, the more time they will have to.A quick spray refreshes your hair and absorbs the sweat. Having a spare set of toiletries and if needed, hair appliances at work, means you won't have to carry them in everyday, adding unnecessary weight to your rucksack.Boris Godunov. From a Courtier to the Sovereign of All Russia "Boris Godunov. From a courtier to the Sovereign of All Russia" Exhibition Opening ceremony took place at the Moscow Kremlin Museums. The Moscow Kremlin Museums for the first time turn to the personality of.Hunt at the Russian court. From the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. The Hunt at the Russian court. From the collection of Moscow Kremlin Museums exhibition is dedicated to hunting, one of the most popular entertainments of Russian Tsars and Emperors.