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I would go in for one if Im not satisfied with my wife and the opportunity presents itself, says George Paul, a third year student of Mumbai University. Like George, his friends in college feel the same.
Meeta Saxena, a 42-year-old housewife recounts the painful memory of discovering her husbands illicit love affair. I was shattered when I realised that my husband was seeing some girl half his age. What shook me was that after twelve years of our relationship and two.
But. Read More The tips of making a killer online dating profile. Posted by: admin Theres a lot of conflicting counsels on writing your dating profile on the web. Put simply, your profile on any affair-dating site should be a cross between a PR and.
Thankfully, he saw sense soon and I reconciled to this truth for the sake of our children. I know, I can never place my full faith in him ever again, mutters a despondent Ms Saxena.
Whatever be the reason for Mr Saxenas straying steps, it remains that extra-marital affairs are slowly, but steadily, finding a way into the psyche of the average Indian. I dont find anything wrong with extra-marital relations.
Says Jeniffer:- My parents are against my marriage with the boy I love. Even if they marry me off to someone of their choice, Id continue my relations with this boy. I dont think its morally wrong.