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Competition: A doctor makes for a great catch and many people know this so expect to face some fierce competition for their attention. This is rather complicated by the lack of available time that they have, so you will need to be somewhat creative in.
Are you a Doctor looking for love? We know that life as a Doctor can be pretty hectic, and with your work patterns and hours constantly changing it can make dating a little tricky. So why not date someone who understands?
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The Advantages of Online Dating: Dating a doctor online does actually carry with it some advantages thanks to the flexibility of the technology. Work to Their Time: Although they may be at the hospital for many hours in a row, doctors will have some downtime.
Dating a doctor however, especially online is another matter entirely. While many of us get most of our perceptions of doctors from popular TV shows, the truth is that their lives are more complicated than what we see portrayed.
But the hours have a greater effect than just the time because you can add in at least another day to rest and recover which means that outside of a day or two, you'll be lucky to see them all week long.
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