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He could have refused to play along with. Lifes condescending tribute to him by destroying the negative (you fire me and then use me as a token example of how you appreciate your employees, even while laying off so many people?
What you cant do is fulfill your fantasies through monthly inspirational movies like The Secret Life of Walter Smitty. In fact, if you quit watching TV and going to movies, and instead se.
On the surface, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a movie with values I can get behind. A boring photo-processor daydreams about epic adventures because hes too scared and socially awkward to actually do anything.
Experienced: Walter White had been making meth for ten years. He's so good that some say he should be called the 'meth chef'. Revealing: The meth cook exposes the secret of his legendary operation - he explained how he got started, how he made.
Papa Johns, but then seems to have a conversion experience or spiritual awakening. He needs to get outside because the cups were bothering him; the fake, superficial plasticity of an international food chain which also happened to be his first job ever makes him realize.
The Secret of Life of Walter Mitty takes the form of a heros quest, where the protagonist goes on an adventure to learn about himself and returns newly empowered, forever changed, a master of his own universe.
In 2012, White violated his probation in Tuscaloosa County, failed to appear in court and was put on the top of most wanted list by the sheriff there. He was eventually caught and jailed with a 2 million bond placed on his release.
Scroll down for video. The real Walter White: In 2008, Walter White was building his meth empire in the AMC hit series Breaking Bad. That same year, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama's most successful meth cook was also making the purest meth east of the Mississippi.
'I bought tools, four-wheelers, cars, trucks, you name it. I just stockpiled the money White said. 'When you make it like that, it's easy to spend, it's just a different lifestyle. Looking back now, it's hard to believe that I could go through that much.