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#3:  MATCH UP WITH YOUR DREAM WOMAN. Its amazing how many guys kvetch and complain about cold, unsupportive, selfish women in their lives, right? And its all because these guys overlook the obvious when it comes to matching up with their true dream woman in.
And, at worst, it often contributes to its failure. We dont have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out why! Sure, hotness works to get a man interested in a woman in the first placeeven to keep him interested for a while.
No two ways about it: ask the average guy what hes looking for in his dream woman, and if hes being brutally honest hell put physical beauty at the top the list. But heres the thingwe all know deep down that extreme physical beauty is.
This means choosing a woman equipped with the qualities necessary to love and support him in achieving those dreams, no matter what they may be. Which leads us directly to: STEP #2: DEFINE WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE.
Once you do, guess what? The qualities that your dream woman must possess to share and help you achieve those dreams will become immediately obvious. So go figure yourself out. Are you an outgoing world-traveler with dreams of sailing the world?
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Or an introverted screenwriter hell-bent to winning an Oscar for best screenplay? Nail it down in no uncertain terms, because it aint rocket science until you know yourself and what you want, theres no way to find a woman wholl love you in amazing, life-changing.
But the stats dont lie: years down the road, relationships based on physical attraction do not stand the test of time. What should a man look for when it comes to finding his perfect match for the long term also known as his true dream.
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