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Makes sexually abusive telephone calls? Shares alcohol or drugs with younger children or teens? Views child pornography on the internet or elsewhere? Exposes his or her genitals to younger children? Forces sex on another adolescent or child?
Items that cannot be washed may be sprayed with a medicated spray or sealed in plastic bags and not used for two weeks. SYPHILLIS Symptoms: Primary: An ulcer or sore at the infection site. Secondary: A rash which may look like "copper penny" spots or.
Treatment: Symptoms usually clear up in a few months with rest and fluids. Drugs are prescribed for chronic infection but there is no cure. Left untreated, Hepatitis B can cause cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure.
You may also be worried about the consequences of taking action. But help is available and it is better to talk the situation over with someone at the time, rather to discover later that you were right to be concerned.
What s the difference between age appropriate sexual behaviour and harmful. Alternatively you can contact us for help and advice via email at this address:. physical sexual contact with other children; Show adult-like sexual behaviour or.