Eye contact and holding hands during sex

The Undressing Lovemaking : Instead of removing your own clothes, take time undressing one anotherundo every button, carefully unzip his pants, have him deliberately unclasp your bra. Kiss and stroke the just-revealed spot before moving on to the next.
Doe eyes A softening of the eyes, with relaxing of muscles around the eye and a slight defocusing as the person tries to take in the whole person is sometimes called doe eyes, as it often indicates sexual desire, particularly if the gaze is prolonged.
Eyes dont lie as people say (although good liars can, in reality, get their eyes to fib for them). This is why poker players often wear sunglasses in order to disguise their reactions to the hands theyre dealt.
This is a remarkable skill as we are able to follow a gaze very accurately. When looking at a person normally, the gaze is usually at eye level or above (see eye contact, below). The gaze can also be a defocused looking at the general.
How often have you talked with another guy who never looked you in the eye during the entire length of the conversation? Or perhaps he did meet your gaze a few times, but then his eyes shifted back to his shoes or to some point.