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Skip to main navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer.Skip to content.Sovereignty due to the expansion of Investor-State Dispute Resolution (ISDS ) in the trade deal. Ranging on a 1 to 5 scale from Not At All Concerned to Very Concerned, over half of all survey respondents identified as Very Concerned with trade agreements involving currency."We are proud of the work that Congressman Mark Pocan and Senator Tammy Baldwin have done on behalf of Wisconsin's family farmers said Wisconsin Farmers Union President Von Ruden. "They recognize the importance of our.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 2, 2016 Contact: Danielle Endvick, Opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership evident in dairy producer survey. CHIPPEWA FALLS - Responses to a recent survey sent out by Wisconsin Farmers Union (WFU) indicate dairy farmers throughout the state are against passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.Von Ruden continued: "In the case of the TPP, we will be opening our borders to a flood of low-cost MPCs from New Zealand, which will displace Wisconsin milk in cheese production. This loss will supposedly be offset by giving U.S.Approximately 70 percent of responses from dairy farmers were also either Very Concerned or Somewhat Concerned over loss of U.S. sovereignty under the TPP. A common theme found in additional comments on the TPP is a frustration with trade deals that favor cheap foreign imports.