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September 2005 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS When I was asked to write the history of King Edward VII School, I was delighted to accept because I have long been fascinated by the extraordinary changes, events and achievements that have defined the history of this remarkable school during the.Similarly SRGS (for Sheffield Royal Grammar School) and LEA (for Local Education Authority although with the latter I have sometimes referred to the Education Committee or Department, or the City Council, and even the Labour Group, depending on whether a decision was taken by councillors.I am neither an Old Edwardian nor a former teacher at the school, and so, through a hundred or so interviews during 20, I tried to gain an understanding of life at the school as former pupils and staff remembered it.At the same time I have attempted to maintain a popular touch to avoid overly turgid and tedious chapters. I have used some abbreviations and initials throughout the book for convenience sake. It does not seem unreasonable to use KES for King Edward VII School.The various names of the school resonate with Sheffielders of all generations. For a hundred years the School has occupied a central role in the educational life of the City of Sheffield. When I tentatively approached John Cornwell three years ago with the suggestion that.