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It seemed absurd to her, with her common sense, that immediately the cure was over Beatrice who always lost twenty pounds should by giving way to her ungovernable appetite put it all on again. Beatrice was weak.Дата основания: 1903 Адрес: Prinz Eugen-Strasse 27, 1030 Wien. Работает: Вход: платный (12,50 евро) 56 картин из собрания галереи Бельведер. The Upland near Bern The Upland near Bern Susanna and the Elders. Susanna and the Elders Early Spring in the Vienna Waldn.She was very well content to be a widow with a handsome fortune. She adored her food. She liked bread and butter, cream, potatoes and suet puddings, and for eleven months of the year ate pretty well everything she had a mifid to, and for.Arrow adored Antibes, and she would be looking her best after a month at Carlsbad. She could just pick and choose among the young Italians, the passionate Spaniards, the gallant Frenchmen, and the long-limbed English who sauntered about all day in bathing trunks and gay-coloured.She dressed as like a man as she could. "What the deuce should I look like in frills and furbelows?" she said. "When you're as fat as I am you may just as well be comfortable." She wore tweeds and heavy boots and whenever she.She liked it less now that her delicate features had grown muzzy with fat, that her arms and shoulders were so substantial and her hips so massive. It was increasingly difficult to find dresses to make her look as she liked to look.Death of the USA. Return of the family. And the commune crapheads sit and whine. While the commons near my birthplace is now a police college. It's a second dark age. "Processed life starts monday or any other day.They saw for her a man of about fifty, but well-preserved and of distinguished carriage, an admiral on the retired list and a good golfer, or a widower without encumbrances, but in any case with a substantial income.Soon they had enough food to eat and good clothes to wear and lived happily. But the old women became very greedy. One day she said to her daughters: Will this Duck always come and give us these gold feathers? Perhaps one day he will go away and never come back.What shall we do then? She will come back again in a few days. We shall catch her and pull out all her gold feathers. Then we shall have enough money for a long time. Oh, no! cried the daughters. We must not do harm to this kind bird! That will be cruel.Beatrice was solid and reliable. Frank was dashing; she was a great theorist, and had all the authorities at the tip of her tongue. They had long arguments over the rival systems. They bombarded one another with Cul-bertson and Sims.The stars looked at him, but they could not help him. He was not big and brave to live alone. He was just a fool little hare, lost and weak. Then something hopped near by. It was Mother Hare. Is this my dear little son?! I have been looking for you everywhere!She had feathers of gold. One day she was flying past a village. It was very hot. So she stopped for a little rest near a small house. The house belonged to a poor woman. Her husband died some years ago. She didnt have a son to take care of her. She had only two daughters, and they had to work hard.Frank looked up from her letters. "Lena Finch is coming down to the Riviera she said. "Who's she?" asked Arrow. "She married a cousin of mine. He died a couple of months ago and she's just recovering from a nervous breakdown.