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I love to always answer this question and say, Yes, it sure will, they can meet Jesus. Churches have a huge fear that their singles ministry will end up being focused only on finding a mate.
For the purposes of our research, we used a generic Dallas zip code and were told there were over 30,000 men in our area. (Eureka! Heres my credit card!) See, they know what theyre doing over there at eHarmony.
Well this is because you fear of eye contact during sex Dating as a single parent either are not defining singles correctly or simply have not looked at your membership demographics (or the demographics of your area). In most large cities in the US, single adults are out numbering the marrieds.
EHarmony also offers guided communication to get people started communicating. You begin by selecting short answer questions from a list eHarmony provides. Once you both send/answer those, you send a list of your 10 Must-Haves in a partner, as well as 10 Deal Breakers.
However, training a lay leader to be under an existing pastor does not. Most single adults have a way to pay for the things they might need. I say this in all ministry, just do less and allow the singles to do more.
As we mentioned in the section above, if you only purchase a one month, its going to run around 60. However, the price per month goes down considerably the more months you sign up for.