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The whole thing seems overly cautious, but better to be safe than sorry. As mentioned previously, most sexual interactions will be smooth and pleasurable, but 1 in 7 will end badly. Play it smart. 5. HIV and AIDS Ok, so West African AIDs rates arent that.
Further south, the rate climbs dramatically so make sure you educate yourself. Ive slipped up a few times, but try and not to follow in my foot steps. My last trip I always wrapped up.
But dont worry, this is not always the case. This percentage fluctuates depending on city and venue. You can meet plenty of good girls in Africa, but the harsh reality is the good girls are either old, too ugly to make money as prostitutes, super religious or.
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In other cases, the woman may have multiple partners. Its a little hard for the visitor to get their head around. The funny thing is, the fact that one doesnt pay for sex is greeted with equal befuddlement by many women in Africa.
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