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I'd also like to emphasize that I'm in no way connected to any of the businesses mentioned in this document, and that I'm doing this work purely for the benefit of the numerous people of the fetish fashion community and that I do not receive.
This is Part 1 of the dyart Piercing FAQ. This FAQ is updated and posted on the first Monday of each month. If you would like to know what dyart is as a newsgroup please visit The RABbit Hole m/rab Queen Spako's Slug Patch t/dextra/spako.
Also, in case this FAQ is published in a book, on a CD-ROM or similar, a minimum of one free copy of the final product delivered to the author free of any charge is required for permission to use anything from this document.
The Piercing FAQ is maintained on a voluntary basis and is produced for free distribution. No funds are generated by the circulation of the dyart Piercing FAQ and the author and contributors are not remunerated in any way.
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Dedicated to the late Thorkild Borup of Avantgarde (She-An-Me Copenhagen, who made me aware of the fetish fashion world. R.I.P. EDITORIAL This document was originally written by Per Gøtterup, but has been expanded again and again with the interesting stuff surfacing in the newsgroup. pub/faqs/bodyart/ While you are allowed individual copies of the Piercing FAQ, this does not mean the FAQ is in the public domain. Part of the value of the Piercing FAQ is that it is a living document; it is updated monthly to include the.
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I have worked for clients such as Amnesty International, ICMM, BTG or Fidessa. Ive also lived and worked accross the Channel in the UK for many years so we can do business in English or en français!
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Reproducing this FAQ or parts thereof by any means, included, but not limited to, printing, copying existing prints, publishing by electronic or other means, implies full agreement and consent to the above non-profit-use clause, unless upon explicit prior written (non-electronic) permission of the author.
You can browse it via WWW via my homepage at URL: You can also view it (and many other FAQs) via WWW using the URL: ml and proceed through "Alt Sex" and then on to "Fetish Fashion".