How to stop having sex on the

2. Know It's Safe Many people feel a bit strange about having sex while on their period, thinking it might be dangerous or dirty. This stigma comes mainly from religions, but actually, while it can be a little messier than normal, having sex while on.Luckily, for those wondering how to stop your period to have sex, there are many effective and safe methods for delaying your period that have no negative side effects and do not affect your fertility.Combined contractive pills : At least a couple of weeks before you want to stop your period, you need to change from taking one type of contraception to the combined contraceptive pill. However, it is best to ask your GP for details.Alternatively, you could also have sex while on your period, as long as you take certain precautions and discuss any potential issues with your partner. Read on and find out exactly how. How to Delay Your Period to Have Sex.LOUD SEX: How To Stop Your Neighbors From Having It How to Stop Thinking About Sex. BUS STOP SEX How to Stop Sex Guilt What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex LABS Elite Daily Batman Can't Stop Thinking About Sex How To.More. Lots of men and women wonder whether they should stop having sex during pregnancy. I'm Dr. Logan Levkoff, and I'm here to answer the question of whether sex should end while you're pregnant. The answer is no.First 21 days, you need to take one pill each day and then the next 7 days, you shouldn't take any pills. To be sure about which pills to miss out, ask your GP, otherwise you might accidentally miss out the wrong ones.These methods include: 1. Take the Contraceptive Pill Some contraceptive pills can really help a lot, you can ask a doctor for how to take them correctly. Monophasic 21-day pill : If you want to delay your period, take the pill constantly for 21 days.This type of pill includes Brevinor, Cilest, Microgynon, etc. Everyday pill: The first 21 pills are active and the last 7 are not in a pack of this kind of pill. In order to delay your period, you need to take these pills in right.5. Don't Forget Protection Unfortunately, in a few cases, you can still get pregnant if you engage in intercourse while on your period. This means that you should still use protection unless you are actively trying to have a baby.A lot of women would simply be happy to wave goodbye to their periods for good, particularly when they are with a partner and want to have sex. Unfortunately, however, there is no way to stop a period once it is already underway.Another option is by eating plenty of lemons, again one day in advance. However, these options are not actually proven to help delay your period, but are just rumored to help. There are some other, more helpful ways of delaying your period that are commonly.For those who want to know how to stop your period to have sex, there are a number of ways that have been tried for quite some time and are supposed to delay your period by a couple of days so that you can engage.You don't have to stop having sex while pregnant, unless of course your doctor tells you you shouldn't be having it. There are lots of reasons why a doctor might tell you to stop having sex, but some of them would include preterm labor, preeclampsia.