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Автор: lars E-mail: my name is lars im 38 years old im looking for a 100 procent serrius woman from russia for marrige it is verry import you are 100 procent stabile and have a good heart your age 21-37 years old my hobbis are.
I am 23, e-mail me, if you are interested. Julia 17:29 Просмотров: 1582 Наша кнопка. ГЛАВНАЯ СТРАНИЦА РЕКЛАМА НА САЙТЕ КАРТА САЙТА ССЫЛКИ Реклама Copyright Администрация сервера Все права защищены.
I would be very happy with a decent woman who likes to enjoy life, who wants the same thing as I do in general. I think what we need to do is to look into each other's yes and than we will know if we.
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