I'm looking for a woman text Good

Which means, were back to square one. Whats a reasonable amount of time to stare at a womans breasts? What about: one second? Seems fair. Two seconds seems decadent, and three seconds, well, then a dude is officially ogling her Funicellos.The same as how I might notice that someone is wearing earrings because the metal catches the light and it flashes and my eyes focus on the glint of that shiny metal, its the same way I might notice you have breasts.It amazes me how easily beautiful single women slide their panties off for someone elses husband. Oft times this guy isnt even a winner, doesnt have the physique of a god and isnt even a gentleman, just some married dick with a promise.Sorry, our site is briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. The site will be open to the public again shortly. Thank You.Sometimes, I see a hint of cleavage peaking through a gap between buttons and my eyes jump there faster than you can say titties! I am not proud of this. But I am being honest.