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Thanassis Stavrakis/AP Ariel Schalit/AP. England supporters react as they gather outside a bar. Darko Bandic/AP England supporters take evasive action after French police fired tear gas at them. Niall Carson/PA Wire Two English football fans throw bottles (centre) towards French as two French plain clothes.
England fans chanted "fuck off Europe, were all voting out" between violent clashes with police as the. European Championship got underway. Chants of "sit down if you hate the mature ladies dating uk Dating site for 16 year olds French" were also reported, according to the Guardian.
He told The Guardian : It was all fine until, our understanding is, a group of around 30 to 40 locals turned up, I think with the intention of provoking the England fans to see if they could get a rise out of them.
Thanassis Stavrakis/AP Darko Bandic/AP. Local youths run after being chased by England supporters in downtown Marseille. Ariel Schalit/AP Police stand guard as they patrol the streets. Darko Bandic/AP French riot police officers detain local youths.
Disturbing footage of the ugly scenes showed English fans pelting objects into the street, showering the police with bottles and throwing chairs out of cafes. Flares were also lit as officers deployed tear gas in an effort to disperse the troublemakers throughout the day.
Bars and restaurants have been banned from showing the games on large TV screens in a bid to stop fans gathering and improve security. On Thursday, England supporters chanted Isis, where are you? during a pre-Euros clash with locals in Marseille, which also led to.