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There was no vaccine for cholera. There were five cholera epidemics in Sweden between 18A third reason for the free contacts sex Free old granny reduced mortality rate was the improved diet. It is here the potato enters the picture. Of course the potato brought calories but more important were the.
Even if the Swedish emigration to the United States (US) was large they were by no means heading the European emigration. Among the European emigration countries, Sweden was in the seventh place followed by Norway.
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Please be patient. The Birth of the United States of America, USA The colonization of the North American continent began in the East. The origin of the United States of America was the 13 English colonies, which declared their independen ce from Great Britain on.
Building techinques U.S. Census Job opportunities in the USA Ship manifests. Swedish culture in the USA Conscription in the USA Moving certificates. Homestead Acts Weakening of the Swedishness Swedes who made it in the USA.
The chart is from Utvandrarnas Hus (House of Emigration Växjö, Sweden. Number of immigrants from Europe to USA per country. Chart Hans Högman. The chart above shows the 8 Europeans counties with the largest emigration to the United States between 18The emigration from Sweden is.
Another great importance to the population increase was the vaccine. The smallpox vaccination began as early as in 1801. The result was a greatly reduced mortality rate. There were other epidemics which were a great problem during the 1800s though; cholera for example.
Where did they settle Dakota Uprising of 1862 Vilhelm Moberg's Emigrant Epos Number of Swedish-born in the US West Lake Massacre 1862 The US flag Swedish names of places Swede shot by Jesse James Gang The US Constitution Swedes in the cities The Johnson's.
However, from 1900 the South European nations top the emigration to the US. Also at this time the non-European emigration increased considerably. The Northwest Europeans emigrants cleared the land and worked at various methods of construction.
The chart to the left shows the emigration from Sweden to the USA distributed per Län (region) between 18The chart shows the.
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This considerably improved the population growth. The image to the right shows a croft (torp) in Torsås parish, Småland (Kalmar Län). The image is published with the consent of Morgan Emilsson. The table below shows Swedens increase in population since the start of the censuses.