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Why not just check it out? I thought to myself. The cruising will only get better as time goes on, anyway. It was everything that youd expect from a midway, with a rollercoaster, bumper cars, junk food ( brotwurst instead of corndogs, of course seemingly.It was hard work to find common ground with my family and find respect for one another it took years, but we managed. Not only was Berlin allowing me to further explore my sexuality, but it was helping me embrace my heritage again I started visiting.It helped me realize that I dont need to be just queer or just Arab, or just a writer or activist true acceptance of ones self is the freedom to be all those things at once, and Berlin was letting me do that).It was an odd sight to see, what with the greenery and sun. It was something you expected in an empty parking lot or fairgrounds off the side of a highway, but I guess thats Berlin: void of rules of how things should be.I heard that Volkspark Hasenheide, a park in Neukölln, has some of the best cruising in Berlin and its only a five-minute walk from the flat Ive been renting. I was surprised to hear that a park in this hood, of all places, would have.There were two other guys lurking about neither my type so I moved on. As I kept wandering through the park, I came across a patch of grass with sunbathers, some of who were completely naked.