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House gives her. When he then gives her an injection of epinephrine, she goes into cardiac arrest, leading Dr. Cuddy to assume that House gave her an accidental overdose. Absolutely sure that he gave the patient the correct dosage, House begins a series of unorthodox.
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I do not have any greater problems in my life but I would like to meet a woman for Communication needs in order to. 54, Germany - Area Gutersloh, Halle.
9 Deception Посмотреть описание A woman collapses at an off-track betting parlor in front of House, and he must battle his new boss to find her diagnosis. 10 Failure to Communicate Посмотреть описание When a famous writer is brought in with language difficulties, House must.
5 Daddy's Boy Посмотреть описание The team takes care of a student with inexplicable electrical shocks, and House's parents visit. 6 Spin Посмотреть описание Star bicycle racer collapses, and the team must come up with a diagnosis after the patient admits to blood doping.
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11 Need to Know Посмотреть описание House and the team must determine what is causing an increasingly deceitful patient's muscle flailing. Stacy makes a decision, and Cameron avoids a test. 12 Distractions Посмотреть описание A patient with 40 body burns and inexplicable cardiac and neurological.
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Clinic Cases: A diabetic man in denial. 10 Histories Посмотреть описание A homeless woman collapses at an illegal rave house. Foreman blows off the consult that Wilson asks for, and House is intrigued by Foreman's and Wilson's reactions.
See you! Send Message» Add to Favorites» Click on a present! Send a greeting for John! Public Personal Informations: John, 54, Germany - Area Gutersloh, Halle. Wanted Tallness (cm) Weight (kg) Hair color Hair length.
Clinic Cases: Cuddy give House a month off clinic duties if he can spend a week off his pain meds. 12 Sports Medicine Посмотреть описание A detoxed sports star about to make his comeback breaks his arm due to brittle bones.
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