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I had moderate problems finding fluent English in Lithuania. First place: Estonia EASE OF BANGING In Estonia I didnt get any one-night stands, but by the first or second date I was straight. In Lithuania I got a couple but the quality was a bit.
Their faces reminded me of Argentina in the amount of cosmic beauty they contained. Some of the most beautiful women in the world Ive seen have been from Lithuania. First place: Lithuania HAIR. Latvian women do better than Estonian women, who have adopted some of.
Its not quite poosy paradise, as my Danish friends below can explain, but I had a pleasant time. Lithuania has tons of beautiful women (Id give them a slight edge over Estonian girls with overall appearance but its quite hard to pull quality.
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First place: Estonia FACE Estonian women shine yet again, with wonderful cheekbones and bright blue eyes (well over 50 of the Estonian population have light eyes but I have to give top prize to Lithuanian women.
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I think if youre prepared to go on two dates, both Estonia and Lithuania will be similar, with Lithuania a slight edge if your standards arent too high. Latvia was significantly harder for me than the other two.
If you want to read more detailed reports I made of these three countries, click the following links: Latvia. Estonia Lithuania When it comes to comparing Poland to the Baltics, I can tell you that the Baltics have prettier girls, but Polish women have less.
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