Love sex and dating part 2 Group

Check out the video and see for yourself.I usually watch a few episodes, connect with characters, and then have to say my goodbyes in order not to fill my mind with all the yuck. I promise this post isnt all about television, movie, or culture bashing. And that is with regard to how we view women in society today.  If we want to have a marriage according to God's plan, then we need to change how we see women. What am I talking about?One that honors God, honors others, and honors the future the reader hopes to experience. Heres a link to the INTRO if youd like to check it out! Once again, I have some autographed copies to give away!Give.Leave a comment and your email address in order to enter the random drawing. If youd like to have it autographed for someone else, you can let me know that too. Email address is simply so that I can notify the winners.Id like to simply set the stage and highlight an amazing book just released! Today, The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating is making its debut. If you are in the dating world, the dating-again world, or know someone who is, you need to.Anybody else a little bit disturbed these days by the casual and flippant attitude toward dating and sex? It seems to me that any television series I want to watch is laced with sexual innuendo or straight-up immorality.If youre a parent, you REALLY want to have this book handy for quick draw! As Andy says in the introduction, even if youve already had that awkward fifteen-minute talk, you need to consider moving toward an awkward fifteen-year conversation.