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You cant imagine how they can go so much butter into one little sweet bite, but both are worthy of your attention. Jacques makes his caramels daily in various flavors; my favorite is the nature (plain) but Im also smitten with his mango-passion fruit caramels.
Professor of anthropology and Japanese studies at Harvard, Theodore Bestor, said that the Japanese like to think of their society and culture as having an identity that is inaccessible to foreigners. But not everyone is against her representing the nation.
Except thats a lie: I know that I do want at least one bite of feuillantines, crackly praline cut in a neat square then covered in a thin coating of dark chocolate. But theres so many other things to try, I know I should branch.
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And Im sure there are some people who are truly in their feelings about Miss Japan being a Black woman. But is this comparable to the way we feel when lighter skinned women are constantly chosen to represent us in the media, on runways and.