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Writing to members on Monday, Markus Frind, the Canadian founder of Plenty of Fish (POF said that he had been forced to make a series of changes to its membership rules because too many male users are harassing women for sex.Its a scenario familiar to anyone who has tried internet dating. You contact someone who appears attractive in their photos, only to discover theyre not quite so alluring in person. But the founder of one of Britains biggest dating website has now decided to take.Which means you have the most options for hooking up with DTF girls. You can find every type of woman on POF except for SWPL artists and hipsters who you can find on. Ok Cupid instead.Despite all the downsides, POF has the largest dating pool there is, so it cant be ignored. Who Will This Work For? Guys who live in at least a medium-sized city, the larger the better, online dating is a numbers game.The entrepreneur said that he had decided to scrap the Intimate Encounters option on the POF site due to complaints from some of its female users suffering unwanted attention. In a message sent to all members, he said that only 6,041 of the 3.3 million.Guys who have decent or better looks, style and physical fitness, anyone else is invisible online, the better you are in these areas the better your results will be. Despite what most pick up artists tell you, looks do matter, you should work on improving these as much.Post your comment in the title of the message, in the body type Seriously though, you seem interesting and Id like to get to know you better, my name is x. Repeat with the other 19 tabs.With over 55 million members world-wide and some 24 million messages sent every day, Plenty of Fishs free-to-use membership has made it the most popular internet dating website in the UK and the US since it was founded in 2003.