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No hanging out at malls, game parlors, pubs, etc. (see: hadeeth, rulings) No lying (see Bible, as above) (also: Quran, hadeeth) No insulting anyone (see: Quran, chapter 49) No backbiting (see: Quran, as above) No envy of others and what they have (see Bible, as.Resources No More Headaches: Enjoying Sex and Intimacy in Marriage (book) The Way to Love Your Wife: Creating Greater Love and Passion in the Bedroom (book) Red-Hot Monogamy: Making Your Marriage Sizzle (book) Intimate Issues: Twenty-One Questions Christian Women Ask about Sex (book) Embracing God's.Whether you want to hear it or not, discomfort with sex is very different from discomfort with a job or some other unpleasant but necessary aspect of life. This is especially true for women. Marital sex is not a mere "chore" or a mechanical act.We do have a website for explaining Islam in the English language and we also provide a live chat room for visitors to have a chance to listen to live and prerecorded programs and ask questions from our scholars and teachers: m Continuous broadcasts.She had called our office to ask about our workshop for troubled marriages and somehow had gotten me rather than one of our team who normally helps callers. I listened to her politely, interjecting a question here and there.No physical contact with the opposite sex (even shaking hands between members of the opposite sexis distasteful to good Muslims) (see: Quran, hadeeth, rulings). No listening to musical instruments (Hadeeth, rulings - Quran is the best sound for the Muslims) No dancing (involves music and.As she ended with the words above, I responded carefully. "Based on the things you told me, it sounds as if he may be manipulating you to get what he d I fear that what he wants is not the best thing for you.".Now after reading all of the above Do's and Don'ts in Islam, I am quite sure that most civilized people in the West would not like to consider giving Islam another thought. Think about, after all what fun is there in this life if you.The Family Help Center staff member who answers the phone will arrange for a licensed counselor to call you back. One of them will be in touch just as soon as they're able If you're interested, our Counseling staff can provide you with referrals to.This is an ability which will need special nurturing if she's had a history of childhood abuse, date rape, or mistreatment by men. If she feels used, or if she's uncomfortable for any reason with any aspect of the sexual act, she won't be able.I'll fight to take the lawyer will take you to the cleaners. I'll tell people you care about that.". In response to threats, tantrums, and manipulations, often a person gives in. They rationalize that it will make things better.Must perform pilgrimage (Hajj in Arabic) to Mekkah once in lifetime (see: Quran, chapter 2, verse 190). Must care for the needs of others, especially poor and elders, according to one's ability, preferring their needs over self (see: Quran, hadeeth, rulings).I hope that you will take the opportunity to visit with us in our new discussion pages at: m And check out our continuous broadcasts online at: m every weekend - live lectures Here are a few links to some interesting pages.