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If both desire it, then how can only one be easy? if both are easy, there's no easy, just cooperation You know the whole idea that if a woman "gives in" too easy she probably does that with everyone so how can he sex after dating for 3 months Instant sex contact trust or.I didn't put it all together til a few days later and the had done a bunk to England by then. The cheese in the potatoes was probably to mask the taste of whatever he put in my food to make me ill.Or do you just focus on that person? How soon do you give up on someone you're seeing if he/she doesn't have sex with you? What is your typical approach to initiating sex?, 06:13 PM Rhenzanite Location: Up in the air 19,126 posts, read 21,623,491.At worst, they aren't interested in a date and are trying to glean information for a casual encounter. Either way, they are probably a waste of your time., 01:28 PM Boneheaded. Location: Texas 1,226 posts, read 2,223,833 times Reputation: 671 You know I think that.Its not uncommon for hetero guys to have sex on the first date either. Its just that the man has to know what he is doing, be responsible enough to understand that its his duty to push the interaction forward, and sweep the woman off.Please state your age, male or female and most importantly, what happens after, do you stop trying to find other partners, depending on how the sex was, of course, or do you just keep "shopping" if it isn't a committed relationship yet?Yeah I thought that was really odd too. Reply With quot;, 21:04 #25 I couldn't do it - i'd get too emotionally involved. Reply With quot;, 21:22 #26 Originally Posted by David M Yeah I thought that was really odd too.That way you will both be aware of the barriers. Also, I only make a point of having sex with intelligent women so we can have a decent conversation and make sure we are clear about things.You know immediately the guy is only looking to hook up. Yeah it is really rude. Yeah it is not a technique I would use or suggest but it happens. In part I think the questions come from a fear of incompatibility and the desire.