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While getting welfare, prosecutors say Mahvi had millions in the bank. Detectives are now looking at Mahvis myriad bank accounts, trying to piece together his familys total worth as they investigate potential theft as well as Medicaid and welfare fraud charges.
And there were stops for tanning sessions and Starbucks. Mahvi did not deny the household expenses, but said his lifestyle is relative to others. "It mature dating singles Trying for a girl was our right to apply for food stamps and I applied he said.
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One friend wrote a fawning recommendation of Mahvi. Pascal is an amazing and talented visionary and entrepreneur. He is the epitome of a consummate professional and embraces those around him with a contagiously charming and inviting personality, the friend wrote on LinkedIn.
The application was approved for one year. During the investigation, detectives say they uncovered what appears to be structuring bank transactions by the family. Investigators say six deposits totaling 30,000 were made in increments under 10,000.
Those funds were not disclosed when Mahvi applied for benefits, officials said. Mahvi told Channel 3 News that the bank accounts are old and one statement - a Swiss account belonged to his father. He scoffed at the police contention that the Swiss account holds.
Investigators say that while Mahvis were receiving government assistance, their bank records show the familys monthly net income ranged from at least 3,200 to more than 8,500. Mahvi said the money came as loans or donations from friends and cannot be counted as income, according.