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Full solution for My Sex Date Megan. Click on the picture to play and click on "read more" to read a full walkthrough for My Sex Date Megan. You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).How do you do it?: good - You don't seem to get along with your parents: bad - I don't get it! - You are hot, why haven't you. : bad. About date (you score need to be nearly the maximum to access this menu.My sex date: MEGAN GAME RATING : 84.18 VIEWS : 498845 COMMENTS : 55. Other games Comments praveenq789 Great girl. awesome girl. Could someone tell me the name of the girl in real life after whom the character in this game is modelled.Walkthrough for My Sex Date Emily. You need to date Emily, here is the different dialogs options that you have: Small talk - But you defended me so chivalrously. : good - Well, if not a date, maybe you could tutor me?: bad - About.A great game to play. erinseb a great idea for a great game. The girl is beautiful OmegaJosh great game, like the girl, didnt when I first saw her though hotidol take alot of time to load Artis Great game, great story and a smart.My Sex Date Emily is a game by "Lesson of Passion". Click on the picture to play. Click on "read more." for a full solution for "My Sex Date Emily". You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same.Kiss Megan's Breasts (bad) Lick Megan's Pussy (good) - (move your mouse on the head of the rotating arrow, while you lick her pussy) - (With free gay dating in manchester Immediately find the dildo: Show Megan the Pink Dildo (mood -8!) Gently Tease Megan with the Dildo (There is a.(1) I love your piercing sapphire eyes. (-1) - - Smack Dat Ass (-1) Kiss Megan's Lower Back (1) - - With the teddy bear: "Time to evict him and let in a new tenant!" (-1) (near her mouth) With the teddy bear: "I really.LOL i swear she looks familuar Deepanshu kumar nice graphics, awesome story and great girl. Papi Jater the story is very natural, the girl behave like real one. maddyrulz nice game. good graphics gitesh hotness.Then from the "About Emily" menu. and finally from the "About date" menu. In this order. Then click on "ask her for a date". You get ending #1, if you don't have enough points to date her.(good) Gossip abour your friends: I heard the girls are treating you like royalty. (good) Is your family taking care of you? since giovanni. (good) Have the guys been after you, now that you're single?