My wife is looking for a contact

Get someone on the phone who can attest to the fact that youre with them on the phone and not attacking your partner. Let them know that you might be arrested if the police believe her and ask if them to meet you at the.For some reason, some of these women actually brag about their antics, exploits and plans on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, etc. Its typically more of their self-aggrandizing, attention-seeking behavior, however, in this instance, you can use it to your advantage.False allegations and bogus calls to the police are an extremely sick form of abuse. Please let this article be your wake-up call. Someone who would do this to a person they claim to love is without morals or empathy.In my quest to define the relationship hopefully one or more lovers come to live with me in, one fairly recent development for lovers who desire to build life-long family together is the relationship agreement.Start a log or a journal and store it in a safe place. Find a friend, family member or therapist to talk to about the abuse. Create your own paper trail of evidence. 8. Monitor and screensave her social media.Sharing intercourse with people you love is the only intercourse worth having, so go ahead and fall in love. Just dont fall out of love with your wife. All three of you deserve and need for you to be your wifes lover first, then when.