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Please do your best to talk to him and share your feelings with him. You have not been married for a long time, so be patient and inshaallah, over time, both you and your husband can learn how to communicate regarding such intimate matters.
I want to ask a rather sensitive question I feel embarrassed to say it verbally in front of Sheikhs and scholars. I hope that you will not be fed up to answer it; I hope your heart would open to clarify and elucidate it.
But concerning what is mentioned in the question like oral sex, it is lawful; the righteous ancestors practiced most of these forms of sexual gratification. The Muslim husband should try to satisfy his sexual desires from his wife to prevent him from committing adultery or.
The question is: Is it permissible for man, when having sex with his wife, to move his tongue over her vulva, or that she fellate his penis? Is it lawful for the wife to excite herself by moving her hands over her sensitive parts to.
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