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"Love is being stupid together." Paul Valery (18711945). "Love is the delightful interval between meeting a beautiful girl and discovering that she looks like a haddock." John Barrymore. "Love ain't nothing but sex misspelled." Harlan Ellison.
Happiness comes in packages marked 'Batteries Not Included'. Shoes for industry! How can you be in two places dating site quality Adult s at once when you're not anywhere at all? I have nothing to declare, except my genius. Life is the stuff that happens to you while you're making.
Any questions?" City Slickers (1991) Play clip (excerpt - "Hi, Curly, killed anyone today?" - "Day ain't over yet." City Slickers (1991) Play clip (excerpt "I crap bigger'n you!" City Slickers (1991) Play clip (excerpt "So, lookin' back, Jimmy, what do you feel you have.
And there was Rocketman, trying to get out, and here comes the cliff, and just before the car went off the cliff, he jumped free! And all the kids cheered! But I didn't cheer. I stood right up and started shouting: 'This isn't what happened.
And I hate the little f-kin' creases in your pants. And I hate these f-kin' doughnuts. These fruitcake little ones with the, the god-damn pinky s-t on top. Nobody eats that s-t." The Rookie (1990) Play clip (excerpt "Counselor!?