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The Fall Season 3 release date September 29, 2016 at 9PM on BBC Two. Gillian Anderson returns as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson in The Fall. She has arrested Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) but will he survive the gunshot wounds sustained in police custody?Graceland started worrying about the future of Jeff Eastins film work. Despite the fact that at the moment the show is being watched by about 1 million people, there are fears that in summer 2016 we wont see the fourth season.Will he ever face justice? Spector is rushed to Belfast General Hospital where Dr Joe ODonnell (Richard Coyle Nurse Kiera Sheridan (Aisling Bea) and the staff engage in the blood-soaked fight to keep him alive.Of course, there is no official announcement of the rights holders yet except the rumours and experts opinion, but, fortunately, many critics believe the television series Graceland deserved to be renewed for Season 4 and should get its place on USA Network next year.Sep 7 2015 posted in TV series 19 Comments When will Season 4 of Graceland come out? We want to know the premiere date on USA Network. Lets wait for the start in 2016! After USA Networks cancelling of its several projects in current year.News of Spectors arrest and life-threatening injuries reach Katie and she plots to help him. With the powers-that-be questioning Gibsons handling of the case, her determination to get a conviction is tested to the full.S3, E3 Original Air Date: Jul 26, 2015. Masters and Johnson's book is released and, while reviews are positive, the public's response causes unease around the office. The new spotlight on her mother starts to affect Tessa at school, while Libby does her best to.Graceland season 4 premiere date cancelled (UPDATE 1) We should only wait for the creators announcements with the hope the project wont complete the list of the cancelled shows. UPDATE 1 (Oct.1, 2015 Bad news Graceland has been cancelled by USA Network after a three-season.Meanwhile, Masters and Johnson look to old and new places to capitalize on their burgeoning fame.BBC.At the moment the fact that Universal Channel cancels Graceland in the UK has been confirmed officially, due to the low rating of the show, but the impact it will have on the ordering of the fourth season in the USA, women looking for sex rich Search maid dinslaken is unknown yet.