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The Swiss are quite keen cyclists, so don t be surprised when an old lady goes flying past you on her bike while going uphill.I didnt get any shots in there, but heres a picture of the concrete bank of the Danube just outside. Nice graffiti. Budapest is honeycombed with hot springswhich may have been one of the reasons the Turks invaded so often over the centuries.A flat reflecting pool lies above the underground clubs roof. The grandkids and I had the delight of seeing any angry security guard chase off some rowdy young women who were wading in the pool, with some danger of falling through into the Klub along.This image was out of focus, so I applied an oil paint filter to it, giving it a nice look. Like a graffiti image of the actual photo. A pure image of Szimpla graffiti, including deep grooves scratched into the plaster wall.Archive for the Rudys Blog Category. I put in a bit about Jim carrying a digital camera and taking pictures.After about six days in Budapest, we went on to Viennaand Ill post the Vienna images in follow-up posts. Sticking to Hungary for now, after Vienna we returned to Budapest and went on to a small Hungarian country town called Eger, known for their vinyards.