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With this new form of connecting with people, the risk for internet scams and fraud is high.  Dating scams and Internet fraud is becoming more complex and difficult to detect.  No dating or social networking site is completely immune from fraud. 
User Name : Sunny111 Profile 8 Pics 37 Yrs : Hi, I'm fr om Konkaen in the north east. Seeking a soul mate 45 - 60 yrs, family loving, kind, family loving,. User Name : Tu9 Profile 12 Pics I'm a cloth designer.
Seeking a soul mate 42 up, kind, reasonable, family loving, User Name : Dear 8 Profile 7 Pics 32 Yrs : Hi, I'm a single Thai woman from Chonburi.  I'm seeking a hsuband/soul mate age OPEN.
Internet criminals target potential victims on online dating and social media.  Wymoo protects global clients from dating scams and Internet fraud.  Online dating websites and social networking sites now have hundreds of millions of subscribers.
User Name : Bow12 Profile 12 Pics 30 Yrs : Hi, I'm a sexy single Thai girl who has a Bachelor 's degree. I'm self employed and have my own Beauty shop. My English is fair.
User Name : Napat_ Profile 5 Pics 33 Yrs : Hi, I'm from Sakon nakorn in the north east of Thailand. Seeking a soul mate 40-65 yrs. User Name : Rungtip Profile 12 Pics 36 Yrs : I'm 140 cm tall, single and no kid.
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U ser Name : chompoo_ Profile 12 Pics. 37 Yrs : I'm 160 cm tall, 50 kg weigh. Speak English/Thai. Seeking  a soul mate 40 - 65 yrs. U ser Name : Pancake Profile 12 Pics.
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34 Yrs : I'm from Trang in the south of Thailand. Seeking a kind man 35 - 50 yrs, responsible, clean, not ugly. U ser Name : Pak Profile 12 Pics. 44 Yrs : I'm divorced wtih one son and one girl.
24 Yrs : I'm single, Bachelor's degree. Seeking a soul mate 46 - 59 yrs U ser Name : Cat999 Profile 12 Pics. 34 Yrs : I'm from Udon, single, no children. Seeking  a soul mate 40 - 70 yrs U ser Name : Nong0.
Seeking a soul mate yrs. kind, calm, family loving, responsible,. User Name : Nukky Profile 12 Pics 35 Yrs : Hi, I'm si ngle and no children.  I'm seeking a soul mate 39 - 49 yrs, kind, calm and hospitable.
User Name : mui Profile 12. Pics. 20 Yrs : I'm 168 cm tall. A student at a University. I would like to have a nice foreign soul mate in my life. I like a man between approximately.
U ser Name : Yuwadee Profile 9 Pics. 27 Yrs : I'm self employed and I've 2 children. Searching for a soul mate 30 - 60 yrs. U ser Name : Bee77 Profile 8 Pics.