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It was numbing. In the morning we went around and introduced ourselves by saying what our problems were: "Hi I am Brian and I am an addict. My bottom lines are no sex with people outside of my relationship, no lying to and manipulating women.
Information can also be found at www.211maine. org. The service is supported by United Way of Mid Coast Maine. Call 211 or. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, Bath-Brunswick 24-hour hotline,. More than 30 meetings weekly in the Bath-Brunswick-Topsham area.
GUIDANCE IN GRIEVING, for loss through death; third Tuesday, 3-5 p.m., Central Maine Medical Center, Chairmans Room B; 795-2290. GYNECOLOGICAL BREAST CANCER GROUP will meet the fourth Tuesday of each month, 6 to 7:30 p.m.
We had to write about everyone we had ever hurt - this was called a "victim list" - and read it in front of the group. We had to work on letters to our girlfriends and partners, telling them everything we had ever done.
And I couldn't stop. No woman looking for man krefeld Free Dating berlin matter what happened, no matter how bad things got, even when I lost marriages, homes and jobs because of my sexual behavior. Instead of stopping I was getting further into it, going into darker and more depraved places.