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As an article in the US National Review stated in December 2000, 'Assuming - as pretty much everyone does - that this will end in divorce, Zeta-Jones will get 1.5m for every year she has stayed married to Douglas.' She'd apparently wanted 5m a year.Sex Addicts Anonymous. really endearing love affair that initiates ongoing nurturing sharing healthiness in program.Nsi 5061 self-funding 5064. 83728 einevoll 83729 einhäuser 8372 giedrius. 1 broadly 2 defined 3 to 4 include 5 physical 6 sciences 7 life 8 social 9 earth 10 mathematics 11 engineering 12 and 13 technology 14 the 15 alphabetical 16 index 17 helps 18.At the far end of the scale, the addict throws caution to the winds to get their kicks, perhaps downloading porn at work, coming on to inappropriate people, having sex in public places, crossing legal lines or ignoring the basic tenets of safe sex.Douglas. In 1994 his wife of eighteen years, Diandra, filed for divorce, citing his womanising as the cause for the breakdown. He'd demonstrated addictive behaviour in the past, and two years before had checked into the Sierra Tucson clinic in Arizona to be treated for.Not sure that qualifies as sex addiction in need of therapy. Girls could be addicts too Ulrika Jonsson, however, seems a worthier contender for the term. Ironically (or not?) Channel 4 recently asked her to investigate the growing problem of sex addiction for a documentary.More therapists, clinics, etc - and they invented the term in the 1970s as a recognised disorder. It is a genuine addiction, and it can grab and destroy ordinary people. We're not talking about indivisuals who have a high sex-drive - nor is it about.Common to all chat rooms g grin 24/7 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. AFK away from keyboard BBL be back later BRB be right back BTDT been there; done that. BTDTGTTS been there, done that, got the T-shirt.The bald facts The truth is that there IS such a thing as sex addiction, which is every bit as damaging and destructive as the more commonly recognised addictions to alcohol, drugs or gambling. It's also the least understood of addictions in this country.But there are those in the public eye whose serial promiscuity has led them to be dubbed 'sex addicts' - certainly in America it's the exotic dysfunctional disease of the rich and famous. High-profile sufferers In recent years more and more celebs have succumbed.