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You take care and if you have any concerns do please contact your GP. Helen xx Reply With quot;, 18:22 #6 Hi all thanks very much for advice, you wouldnt think a bit of trapped wind could be so painful.
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Good luck. Reply With quot;, 17:34 #5 Hi Elizabeth, Have you tried something like peppermint cordial or peppermints, these can be quite good at relieving trapped wind. Have you discussed this with your GP or midwife or have you had your pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound scan.
Hello Sarah I have had a couple of bleeds during this pregnancy, some was bright red! Call your Drs and ask if they can send you for an early scan to put your mind at.
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I've had a scan so I know its all ok. I'll be going to buy the rennie's aswell! Thank you! Reply With quot;, 10:51 #15 Oooh I'm glad to see this thread. I'm 27 weeks nearly for the last week I've had über bad trapped wind.
Many many thanks caz. Reply With quot;, 15:04 #10 Gripe water works amazingly well! I swear by it. Reply With quot;, 19:33 #11 Hi, Just to reitterate what has been said, trapped wind can cause shoulder pain - often occurs after c-section.
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After takin two just ten mins later i felt brillx. Reply With quot;, 14:57 #9 TRAPPED WIND CURE! hi mummies, i have been suffering terrible with pain on one side by my ribs, after seeing 3 doctors and my midwife to no avail, after reading on.
Any advice is most appreciated! x. Reply With quot;, 13:38 #2 Just after I had a C-section I got terrible trapped wind after my digestion started moving again I was breastfeeding too and took windeeze which states on the pack it is also safe to take.