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"I can't think why they would want to harm me. all I can think is that they wanted the car. "I never thought in a million years anything like this would happen near the village where I grew up.The barmaid was 'shaken up' after she was left with a bleeding and swollen face (Photo: Daily Record) "It all happened really fast but I was punched and he tried to drag me out. he was saying 'get out the car'.Piggly Wiggly Authorities say the suspects were able to steal thousands of dollars from companies like McDonald's, George Webb, BP, Piggly Wiggly, Denny's, Dickey's Barbecue Pit, Culver's, Rocky Rococo, Family Dollar, Great Clips, and Baker's Square. Here are the exact locations targeted: Rocky Rococo; 2094 Miller Park.Gregory Carson and Willie Herford are accused of scamming these businesses. Gregory Carson and Willie Herford. Police say they were able to use cell phone records and surveillance video to finally catch them. The 59 and 55-year-old men are now facing a multitude of charges.When the victims would arrive, the man whose money was allegedly missing from his wallet was there - ready to take the bag. But there was no Mr. Black - nor an angry customer in real life.McDonalds; S. 76th Street Piggly Wiggly; 2201 E. Rawson Avenue. George Webb Restaurant; 12201 W. North Avenue. George Webb Restaurant; 6231 S. 27th Street. George Webb Restaurant; 3635 S. Moorland Road. BP Corner Mart; 15565 W.She didnt expect anything from him, but he was more than willing to lavish her with these offerings; as it turned out, he had a wife and two kids which hed neglected to mention. Urasek writes, Without any context, if Id just told you an.