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Are you friends with any other adult virgins that you know of? Woman A: Yes, a few actually. One is my best friend and roommate. She's super hot, social, and smart and she's also remained a virgin for pretty much the same reasons I have.We were super compatible and very attracted to one another, but he was a man-child and we broke up after almost a year. However, we kept hooking up on and off for almost three years, with several heartbreaking, painful mini breakups in between.She was attracted to me and I liked that, so I convinced myself I must be into her physically too. We started fooling around, but it only lasted five minutes and I cried afterwards. I told her I was crying because we didn't live near.I've honestly just never met a guy who seemed worth it. The few guys I have considered sleeping with were situations that didn't work out. Either we met briefly while I was visiting a friend in a different city, or we went on a couple.In college, my main relationship was with my first love, and I thought I would lose my virginity with him, partly because he was a virgin as well. Our relationship was very tumultuous though and there never seemed to be a time where we wanted.Oct 21, 2013. Frankly, I wanted to see what the big deal was about sex. The truth is I never really intended to go through with meeting someone from Craigslist. Almost immediately I had a world of men looking to hook up with me.For example, you dont have to worry about sexual diseases the way someone with more experience does. Likewise, you havent had to face everything that an unintended pregnancy entails. In other words, be grateful that youre not currently having to deal with all of the.Then I was kind of seeing my prom date for a while and that was the first time I'd known how it felt to be really, actually attracted to someone. The only relationship I had so far that felt was real started in college.Fact #2: Your Virginity can be a Draw in your Relationship. Yes, some individuals might prefer a partner with more experience when it comes to sexual intimacy. But others will be more than pleased that youve saved this valued part of yourself to share with.I don't feel comfortable just casually hitting up someone to take my virginity at this point. Woman C: It just happened this way. How often do you watch porn? Masturbate? Woman A: On average I masturbate pretty often, maybe every other day or every day.