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Always make sure someone knows that you are having these meeting these men ect just to be on the safe side! Have fun! Reply With quot;, 16:11 #4 oh yeah why not go for it, if your worried tell a friend that your meeting him and.
There is no problem with it as long as you are open with the other person at the start i.e. while you are chatting online, don't lead them on into thinking it will become a relationship if that is not what you want.
Originally Posted by Kaylene W(2) Maybe he didn't want to scare you off the first time, maybe next time you talk to him just bring the idea's to the table so to speak, sort of sounding a bit naughty like and what would you do.
The men who go gently with you would be the ones to pick, if you decided to. Reply With quot;, 17:31 #19 Originally Posted by Paula H(322) Physically and emotionally. He poisoned my food to make me sick so that I would say no to him.
I'd gone to him for sex and even though I'd said no I still wasn't sure. I was only 19 at the time and a bit unworldly. I noticed that the potatoes were really cheesey with a weird chemical tinge but I just thought it.
Last edited by Paula H(322 at 16:01. Reply With quot;, 16:09 #10 Originally Posted by Paula H(322) Yes. It ended really badly. I met him a few times and he hurt me the last time. Not to say I think it's a terrible idea.
I could have met someone in the pub that would have done the exact same. Just make sure someone knows where you are. You don't have to give them the nitty gritty of what you're doing but could say that you're just meeting up with.
I've never led anyone on and have had some good experiences! Reply With quot;, 16:22 #14 Originally Posted by Jo L(346) Chuffing Nora i hope the git has since been made to pay Nope At the time I wasn't really sure I was raped.
Reply With quot;, 15:45 #7 How exciting! Glad you had fun!.could he not be persuaded into a little kinkiness?. Reply With quot;, 15:57 #8 Originally Posted by Anon (1362011) Well I did it and it was great.
Reply With quot;, 17:30 #18 Originally Posted by Helma G Well I for one am more than a smidge. envious! Woman you have balls. Kudos to you. Meanwhile i sit home, lamenting on my neglected lady bits, wondering if i still remember how to kiss.
Reply to Thread, 19:25 #1 Meeting men online for sex I am fully prepared to get shot down in flames for this but it's worth a try. I have been chatting to a man online for a few weeks now and we are planning on meeting.
Who knows where it could lead too. We spoke about it quite a bit, he is definitely not interested in any of my 'weird' stuff (his words not mine!) Oh well he is good at what he does do Reply With quot;, 17:24 #16 Originally Posted.
I didn't put it all together til a few days later and the had done a bunk to England by then. The cheese in the potatoes was probably to mask the taste of whatever he put in my food to make me ill.