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Unsatisfied Girl Illegal Affair with Sister hus. Me-my long standing affair with my neighbor, Mrs. SHE ALWAYS MAKES ME CUM - Date her at find me a. Passion Cove S02E12 - Discreet Affair. A Family Affair Part Three-Yasmine De Leon http.Personality type: Calm Kind Smart Eccentric Independent A leader Loyal Reliable Gentle Practical Imaginative Spontaneous Reserved Gregarious Sunny Manic Serious Weight Height - 4 5 6 feet inches Language: English French German Chinese Italian Portugese Russian I'll tell you later Spanish Japanese Korean Tagalog Others.URL: m/.Minimum 10 characters, maximum 50 characters. - Make it interesting! Don't know what to say? Click here to see a few good examples. Do not include IM/Phone/Email/Webpage details! Describe yourself: (Optional) Minimum 20 characters, maximum 1000 characters.Was soll dieses komische Antennendings? (inf) ; the committee was an odd affair das Komitee war eine seltsame Sache affair (fe) noun 1. happenings etc which are connected with a particular person or thing. the Suez affair.A love relationship. His wife found out about his affair with another woman. verhouding любовна история caso pletka, milostn pomr das Verhältnis affære amorío, relación armusuhe rakkaussuhde liaison, ljubavna afera viszony hubungan ástarsamband relazione, sex contacts glasgow Loot london meils ryiai, romanas dka hubungan affaire kjærlighetsforhold romans caso legtur amoroas.( event ) ocasión f it will be a big affair será una ocasión importante será todo un acontecimiento the minister's visit will be a purely private affair la visita del ministro tendrá un carácter puramente privado dinner was a gloomy affair la cena no.Appearance Choose one Super model Great looking Good looking Nice Somewhat attractive Not very nice I'll tell you later. Hair Color Choose one Blonde Brown Red Black White Bald. Eye Color Choose one Blue Brown Black Hazel Green Grey.Das ist meine/seine Sache!? also current ADJ, foreign affairs ( love affair) Verhältnis nt, Affäre f (dated) ; to have an affair with somebody ein Verhältnis mit jdm haben ( duel) affair of honour Ehrenhandel m ( inf : object, thing) Ding nt ; whats.