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In a relationship, it s not only women who like to hear that they look nice, or that they re wanted. Whether it s a simple compliment to kick off his.9. "Did you hear that we finally achieved world peace?" It would be so great to know that human suffering was eliminated within our lifetime. 10. "I can't take it anymore. Let's just do anal.".Comedy. a chauvinistic executive gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking. The final conclusion is that they want happiness, just like men.Yes. 14. "That was so good, I don't even care if you go out to the bar to watch the game with your friends even though I have no plans.". We've done it, we've achieved the perfect orgasm.They don t just want to hear it, they want to make sure their neighbors hear it too, so scream it. Men want to hear this when they re doing anything even if it s something mundane. Women Are Urging Each Other to Get IUDs.Sometimes it seems woman seeking man in leipzig Dutch sex that when women talk, men only hear what they want to hear.This is just like finding out about world peace, except with butt stuff. 11. "Oh, my best friend is at the door. Can she join?" Yes. Invite all your friends. Is this a trick? 12. "My whole body is shaking.".Just enter your email below.7. "Do whatever you want to me.". We will immediately put you in doggy style. 8. "You look so sexy like that.". Whoa, what? Guys don't think they can look sexy, because we're guys. Unless we're on the shortlist for People 's Man of the.Men want love too, and emotional intimacy, and the security that comes with committed partnership. And it all begins with a positive response from the woman he.