What women want original title Cannibal family

Graphic murders and mutilations of men women and children follow, but a rape scene (prelude to undoubtedly his tastiest batch of buns is cut. HUMAN BEASTS, CANNIBAL KILLERS Paul Naschy meets up with a cannibal cult in this slow moving, badly dubbed spanish horror film.
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Pretty confusing, especially in the US release in which the reels are shown out of order. HOUSE OHOUSAND CORPSES Rob Zombie A gore/splatter style horror flick by Rob Zombie about a Texas Chainsaw style family whose many disgusting social habits include cannibalism.
Then, the scumbag cuts the guy up and cooks him into a batch of barbecue pork buns. The buns are a big hit, especially with the police investigating the recent disappearances of people, so the scumbag starts killing everybody else he doesn't like to make.
This is about a French official in South America who finds himself in just such a situation. He lives with the tribe, teaches them, and even fights with them against both European as well as native enemies; eventually becoming a trusted friend of the chief.
Robert Morse as a cannibal in Honeymoon Hotel (aka His and His ) HIS AND HIS aka, Honeymoon Hotel Henry Levin, 1964 A 60's screwball comedy starring Robert Morse, Robert Goulet, Nancy Kwan and Jill St.
An amateur-custom necro fetish production like all the others, but of feature length and done under special sponsorship. In each Hunt, a group of women are pursued by hunters "Most Dangerous Game" style. If the women can survive 24 hours, they receive their freedome along.
The sick abuse was discovered when a man in Brno in the Czech Republic installed a TV baby monitor to keep watch on his newborn child. But it picked up a signal from an identical monitor next door showing one of the victims beaten, naked.