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Execution facilities describes as just ludicrous that these facilities could have been used as gas chambers (Video fixed) Category: Essential Reading, Hidden and Revisionist History By wmw_admin on DU was bad enough, but reports filtering out of Baghdad suggest US forces used a new type.Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in.Marc Raphael (Jew Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History During this period, Jewish merchants, from the cities in the valley of the Rhône, Verdun, Lione, Arles and Narbonne, in addition to Aquisgrana, the capital of the empire in the times of.It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation, he wrote, adding: If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments because we care about the commandments there.Read it all not from me but straight from the horses mouth! Watch quick synopsis video above. The ADL Jews at will delete this video soon enough (cant have sleeping White Americans hear what the Jews say themselves).( taharrush gamea group harassment in Arabic; taharrush gamea el-ginsy group sexual harassment). Such attacks have been launched against Western women in Egypt, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere. ( See Note on taharrush attacks below). (11) Forcible fellatio.ANGELA MERKEL IN APPROPRIATE ATTIRE Merkel is at the risk of an imminent mental breakdown and now represents a danger to Germany. Hans-Joachim Maaz, top German psychiatrist and best-selling author The staggering number of sex crimes committed in a single month in Germany (July 2016).(12) Sexual assaults with violence, stopping short of rape. (13) Getting women drunk or spiking their drinks in bars with the date rape drug Rohypnol, preliminary to raping them while unconscious. (14) Simple rape, without unnecessary violence, to which a woman will submit passively rather.This is the real story behind the fall of Baghdad and it truly is the stuff of nightmares Category: Essential Reading, Iraq By Lasha Darkmoon on QUOS DEUS VULT PERDERE PRIUS DEMENTAT Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.Thus will be realized the promise of the Talmud that when the time of the Messiah comes the Jews will hold under their keys the property of all the peoples of the world. Baruch Levy in an old letter to Karl Marx, published in the.(See here ) It needs to be pointed out in the interests of accuracy that these migrants for the most part come from countries where Islam is the official religion, i.e., Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and various African countries.A southern guy (südländischer Typ) sexually assaulted a young woman in Nürnberg. A dark-skinned man (dunkelhäutig) groped a 15-year-old girl in Magdeburg. A 34-year-old migrant exposed himself to passersby in Oldenburg. A man speaking broken German sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman in Ibbenbüren.Predators are lurking everywhere; safety is found nowhere. Germanys Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control: Suppression of data about migrant rapes is Germany-wide phenomenon. by Soeren Kern (August 9, 2016) These crimes can be neatly classified, beginning with the relatively mild and continuing along a spectrum.