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Reker drew criticism herself for suggesting a code of conduct for women fearful of attacks that called for keeping an arms length from strangers. Maas, the justice minister, on Tuesday criticized what Germany legally considers rape, saying the crime is too narrowly defined.
German officials have repeatedly warned against making a connection between the suspects in the alleged New Years Eve assaults and asylum-seekers. But some immigration opponents in Germany have blamed the crimes on the 1.1 million migrants and refugees that entered the country last yearand the.
Thousands of members of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA a German anti-immigration movement, have participated in rallies in Cologne and Leipzig in recent days. Some demonstrations have turned violent, with protesters smashing windows of buildings, setting cars on fire, and.
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The assaults stunned media, law enforcement, and government officials, and have generated debates in Germany about police response and sexual-assault prevention, and across Europe about refugee policies. On January 1, Cologne police issu ed a news release that reported most New Year celebrations had gone.
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A report from the interior ministry of the North Rhine-Westphalia region, where Cologne is located, faulted police for its slowness in informing the public about what happened. Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker said police failed to inform her of the severity of the incidents on New.
On the night of December 31, dozens of women reported being robbed and sexually assaultedtwo said they were rapedin Cologne, Hamburg, and Stuttgart. In Cologne, as many as 1,000 men described to be of Arab and North African origin formed rings around women, who tried.