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Google Hamburg is located in the heart of the Hamburg city center - close to the famous Jungfernstieg (a lakeside promenade) and the Rathaus (city hall surrounded by fancy shops, good restaurants Above all, we're looking for more innovators like us, because at Google, innovation is a constant).
As a production assistant had warned her, Arlenna was a little man with a big ego, and he fed it by making other people feel small. As Jody neared, the AD stepped between her and the director.
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Breathing heavily, Jody stopped and handed him the dagger. He avoided her eyes as he turned and jogged the short distance to the director. "Thank you Lankford said affably as the young man handed him the blade.
Five days before, Jody had left behind her sobbing parents, her ecstatic little brother, her boyfriend-next-door, and her sad springer spaniel Ruth, and flown from Rockville Centre, Long Island, to Germany, to intern on the feature film.
"That's thirty-three dollars he said with a clap, "sixty-six dollars, ninety-nine dollars-" "I'm coming Jody panted. "-one hundred and thirty-two-" Jody felt foolish for having believed Assistant Director Hollis Arlenna, who'd said that Lankford wouldn't be ready to shoot for another ten minutes.
Her large, dark eyes shifted from the silver-tipped brown metal sheath to the brown hilt. In a circle near the top were the silver letters SA. Below them were a German eagle and a swastika.